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We’re pleased to announce that XDEFI Wallet has officially entered its closed Public Beta.

A few weeks ago we began a stealth program to shed what we felt had been an aspect of our program not honoring the ethos of the wallet as a whole — collecting emails. After much internal discussion around how we could solve this, the decision was made to transition to a model which would allow users to onboard using an ‘access code.’ By taking this step, we’ve made ourselves publicly searchable in the Chrome/Brave store, albeit only accessible to certain users. …

In Part 1 of this series, we went over how to get, install, and deploy your wallet. In this post, we hope to answer a few questions about how you can set up your XDEFI Wallet if you are already an existing user.

What do you need to recover your Wallet?

In Part 1, we spoke about backing up your wallet and ensuring you saved some very important information. Below we will go into how you can utilize these backups to regain access to your wallet, namely:

  • The JSON file you saved when backing up your wallet.
  • Your wallet Password

Welcome to XDEFI Wallet! We are a cross-chain wallet extension that allows you to:

  • Manage all your assets from a single place
  • Interact with any Blockchain applications
  • Swap seamlessly across protocols

The goal of this article is to give you an easy way to onboard onto XDEFI Wallet. If you have more in-depth questions, you may want to give our walk-through article a look.

I. How Do I use XDEFI Wallet?

We released a public version of the wallet which can be found in the Chrome store. We are still in closed beta and you will need to need an access code to use the wallet. …

Our next community check-in is happening next week!

Next Friday at 12:30 (BST), our Co-Founder and CEO Emile, will be giving insight on the goings-on in the world of the XDEFI Wallet.

Many people may not know, but Emile is also the Product Owner — so can give a bit more insight into all those neat sneak peaks we’ve been dropping 💫

This check-in will be your chance to find out more about what we’ve been doing, where we are going and what the future holds for XDEFI Wallet — We’ll also be including an Easter Egg in the check-in…

The sixth development update will cover the sprint for the period 03/05–03/06.


Significant progress since the last development update was made on core features. The team is working on updating the UI to cater for HD Wallet support and Ledger integration (Ethereum).

Core Features

  • Polygon integration (In Progress)
  • Multi HD wallets support (In Progress)
  • Back-end enhancement (In Progress)
  • Multi-chain dApps SDK (Complete)
  • Ledger integration — Ethereum (Complete)
  • UI/UX enhancement: Abstract concept of chains (Complete)
  • New onboarding process via web app (Complete)
  • Dark mode (Complete)

UI Leak

We have decided to move the onboarding process to a web page as it is more user friendly. …

As a battle-scarred veteran of crypto’s fruitful summers and bearish winters, you likely know in this world, there’s a meme for almost everything.

Today we are excited to announce our next campaign to reward users who are looking to join our early beta, using the lifeblood of crypto itself, the almighty meme 🔥

Here’s how it works 👇

Step 1: Create your meme

  • Be original (No meme stealing).
  • Make it relevant to us.
  • Don’t upcycle.

Step 2: Create your tweet

  • Create a tweet giving us a @mention and a shoutout
  • Make sure to include a unique meme that relates to our product, or your feelings…

A couple of weeks ago we announced our new website and logo. To answer a few questions around how all of this came to be, Nik Karakatsianis, XDEFI Wallet’s Head of Design joined us for a community check-in.

Here’s a summary of the May 14th conversation:

We’re delighted to Welcome Nik Karakatsianis, our Head of Design

Hello — glad to be here, and glad to speak directly with the community, especially after all the great feedback we’ve gotten about the logo and design

So firstly tell us about yourself! — I’ll kick this off with three starter questions:

  1. Why did…

We’re organizing our first check-in session with our community!

It’s happening this Friday at 12:30 BST, with our Head of Design Nik Karakatsianis to discuss all things XDEFI Wallet design

Nik has been pretty busy with all the changes at XDEFI Wallet recently — with so many changes going on in the extension and the brand all roads are passing through design. A few weeks ago we unveiled our new branding, and now its time to hear the thoughts from Nik the person who has made it happen. …

The fifth development update will cover the sprint for the period 17/04–28/04.


Good progress on the core features required for public release during the last sprint. Ledger integration is mostly complete for Ethereum and is being tested internally.

Core Features

  • Ledger integration - Ethereum (Complete - In Review)
  • UI/UX enhancement: Abstract concept of chains (60% Complete)
  • HD wallet support (In Progress)
  • Multi-chain dApps SDK
  • Back-end enhancement


  • Refactoring (controllers)
  • Replace XDEFI Wallet seedphrase by recovery code (UUID)
  • Loading state when input changed in send screen while gas being re-estimated
  • Incoming internal transactions displayed in activity
  • Update loading of transactions in activity
  • dApps UI enhancement: Bitcoin transaction signing
  • dApps UI enhancement: Binance transaction signing
  • Integration with…

As of now, each account created in XDEFI Wallet has an individual seedphrase.


Yes, some users will have a lot of accounts so it can be a lengthy process. Hence why, if you have both your JSON file and master password, you can restore all your accounts at once without having to restore with each seedphrase.

Next month, we hope to give you the ability to create sub-accounts meaning having only to deal with one seedphrase (as with MetaMask or MyEtherWallet) is coming soon.

FYI: even when this update…

XDEFI Wallet

A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.

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