As a battle-scarred veteran of crypto’s fruitful summers and bearish winters, you likely know in this world, there’s a meme for almost everything.

Today we are excited to announce our next campaign to reward users who are looking to join our early beta, using the lifeblood of crypto itself, the almighty meme 🔥

Here’s how it works 👇

Step 1: Create your meme

  • Be original (No meme stealing).
  • Make it relevant to us.
  • Don’t upcycle.

Step 2: Create your tweet

  • Create a tweet giving us a @mention and a shoutout
  • Make sure to include a unique meme that relates to our product, or your feelings toward it.

Step 3: Get some numbers

The magic number to achieve is 10, as long as you get a (unique) number. of retweets, quote-tweets, or likes which adds up to the number 10 you are in.

  • For every 10 actions after that you earn access for a friend (So 20 = 2 invites, 30 = 3…and yes we do round-up 😉).
  • Sorry folks, replies 💬 do not count in this game.

Step 4: Let us know

  • At the end of the contest (end of May), DM our twitter account with a link to your meme tweet.
  • Based on your numbers we’ll arrange access to XDEFI Wallet in the first week of June.

We’ll be running this campaign till the end of May, and are quite excited to see what you — our amazing followers, come up with!

Thanks 🐙

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