Feedback Competition — $500 prize pool and a special surprise for all 🔥

With around 500 testers having access to our product and the public launch getting closer, it’s the right time to incentivize our valuable community members to contribute in making XDEFI Wallet an amazing product!

We are hosting a feedback competition on our private community from 29/03 to 12/04 with many rewards 💝

You need to have access to our private community. If you don’t, you can gain access by finding a Golden Ticket!

Current beta testers recently received two Golden Tickets each. There are still many out there! Find a charitable soul with a spare Golden Ticket and you will be able to enter the contest 👊

The competition will have a point-based leaderboard. To earn points you need to submit valuable feedback during the 2-week duration of the competition.

4 kind of feedback:

  • Bug Reports 🐛
  • Feature Requests 🔈
  • UX/UI Suggestions ⭐️
  • Questions and Concerns ❓

Each upvote you get for providing your feedback is worth one point!

For example, the following feedback is worth two points:

At the end of the competition, 12/04 at 5 pm UTC, we will aggregate the upvotes of every feedback for each participant to get the final leaderboard 🏆

Also, to let you keep track of where you stand, we will update the leaderboard every day at 2 pm UTC.

Note: only feedbacks submitted between 29/03 5 pm UTC and 12/04 5 pm UTC are counting for the competition.

  • 1st place - $200 worth of RUNE + a special surprise
  • 2nd place - $100 worth of RUNE + a special surprise
  • 3rd to 6th place - $50 worth of RUNE + a special surprise
  • Every participant with at least one point - a special surprise

The final results will be shared on Twitter the 13/04, make sure you are following us @xdefi_wallet!

A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.

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