How to get started with XDEFI Wallet — Part I

Welcome to XDEFI Wallet! We are a cross-chain wallet extension that allows you to:

  • Manage all your assets from a single place
  • Interact with any Blockchain applications
  • Swap seamlessly across protocols

The goal of this article is to give you an easy way to onboard onto XDEFI Wallet. If you have more in-depth questions, you may want to give our walk-through article a look.

I. How Do I use XDEFI Wallet?

We released a public version of the wallet which can be found in the Chrome store. We are still in closed beta and you will need to need an access code to use the wallet. If you are a current user, you will also be able to access and use the wallet using your back up (JSON file+ wallet password).

You can find our wallet here.

Step 1: Click ‘Add to Chrome/Brave’ in the top right corner, followed by “Add Extension” when prompted by the popup.

Step 2: Press the puzzle piece icon to the right of the XDEFI Wallet logo and press the pin symbol to pin it to your extension bar.

II. How Do I Create an XDEFI Wallet?

Step 1: Press the XDEFI Wallet Icon in the extension bar of your browser (in the top right corner)

Step 2: Click “Create XDEFI Wallet”

Step 3: Enter your (case sensitive) referral code then click “Confirm”

Step 3: Read the prompt and click ‘Create’

Step 4: Enter and confirm your password, accept our Terms of Use, then click ‘Create Wallet’


Step 5: A recovery code (UUID) will be generated. You will need it if you lose your password to import/restore your wallet. You will also need to verify the recovery code.


III. How do I create my first account in XDEFI Wallet

Step 1 (a): Click on Create Account

Step 1 (b): Click import account if you wish to import an existing account. Here you can either import with a Keystore JSON file or with a Seedphrase

Note that XDEFI Wallet isn’t an HD wallet yet (it will be very soon) and if you import an account from MetaMask or MyEtherWallet you will only have the “Master account” available. You will be able to import a “Master account” and its Sub Accounts from these wallet providers at once in a very near future.

Step 2: Read the prompt and store safely the Keystore file downloaded

This JSON file will be required if you reinstall your wallet or restore your wallet at the initialisation step.

Note that every time you create/import an account from within the wallet, you will automatically download an updated JSON file.

That’s it! You’re ready to go!

We trust you’ll enjoy XDEFI Wallet and would encourage you to leave feedback via the community platform so we can build the product you deserve.

A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.