How to use THORSwap with XDEFI Wallet ⚡️🐙

THORSwap is available with XDEFI Wallet!

1. Download XDEFI Wallet

We are in private beta mode, you need to be on our whitelist to download XDEFI Wallet.

We regularly organize events to gain access. To learn more about the current ones, please ask in our !

Once you have access, you can download XDEFI Wallet 💫

2. Create/import an XDEFI Wallet

A detailed guide on how to create/import a XDEFI Wallet is available 📚

🚨 Please BE SURE TO BACK UP your XDEFI Wallet immediately after setting it up. The JSON file you download when backing up will be required whenever you import your XDEFI Wallet 🚨

You need to safely store both the password you create upon first initialisation and the recovery code.

3. Connect to THORSwap

THORswap is available in both and mode. Please note we are still in private beta so be careful when using real assets 🚨

a. THORSwap test net is available

Some faucets to get test net assets:

b. THORSwap main net is available

Whichever option you chose, the actions are the same.

Once your XDEFI wallet is set up, go to THORSwap and then:

  1. Press Connect
  3. Allow THORSwap to View the addresses of your permitted accounts then press connect

Congrats! You’re in 🐙

4. Join the conversation

Last but not least, we want to hear from you 🙋‍♂️

a. Join our on telegram and share your experience with XDEFI Wallet and THORSwap 🐙

b. Share your feedback with our team via our 💫

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