Introduction to XDEFI Wallet

You cannot become the gateway to the decentralised web without opening all of the doors available to entrants.

Today a single network, Ethereum, attracts most of the DeFi activity of the crypto ecosystem.

Over the years, numerous projects have been declared the “Ethereum killer,” but so far none have succeeded in dethroning the king. Nevertheless, several projects led by remarkable teams have recently emerged that are creating tangible value and new perspectives for users.

While we are fascinated by and grateful for the innovation and opportunities that Ethereum has created, XDEFI does not believe that the entire crypto ecosystem will exist on one network to rule them all. Instead, we believe in a multichain future. For that future to emerge, we need to build more effective cross chain infrastructure.

We are chain agnostic, connecting to all useful technology and engaged communities.

If our collective ambition is to disrupt the established global financial institutions and centralized Web2 behemoths, all networks need to coexist and grow together harmoniously.

This is why we created XDEFI

We are a decentralised wallet extension that empowers users to easily access the decentralised future via their web browsers, today.

With XDEFI Wallet, users can:

  • Receive, send and store digital assets irrespective of their native chains
  • Connect to any blockchain applications
  • Swap seamlessly between protocols
  • Access native DeFi features

All of this, from a single wallet — in which digital assets are safely stored and easily accessible.

Why we chose to start with a browser extension

Over the last few years, we have seen a massive surge in mobile wallets. While we think some of them are amazing and will contribute to democratize access to the decentralised web, the reality is that most of the activity in DeFi is currently via web clients.

XDEFI Wallet was created with DeFi power users in mind, which is why we see a strong and instant market fit to consequently fill a gap that has been left vacant for too long.

Imagine being able to wrap some ETH into WETH directly within your wallet extension, use the WETH to provide liquidity in a Balancer pool, stake the LP tokens in CREAM and monitor the entire strategy using a single Wallet.

Focusing on user experience

Our focus is our users. Our promise is our dedication to continually strive for innovative, user friendly tools that will contribute to greater success for the blockchain ecosystem and support the DeFi community that has built itself around it. We are committed to exceptional customer support and constant iteration based on user-generated feedback.

Delivering empowerment

Ultimately, we aim to contribute to the promise of the decentralised web — to give the people back control over their data, their assets and their identity.

A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.