Join our May community check-in session

We’re organizing our first check-in session with our community!

It’s happening this Friday at 12:30 BST, with our Head of Design Nik Karakatsianis to discuss all things XDEFI Wallet design

Nik has been pretty busy with all the changes at XDEFI Wallet recently — with so many changes going on in the extension and the brand all roads are passing through design. A few weeks ago we unveiled our new branding, and now its time to hear the thoughts from Nik the person who has made it happen. It’s also your chance to get in touch, find out more about a member of the team, and perhaps win a golden ticket along the way

A golden ticket you say?

Yes! — we are offering 2 ways to win a golden ticket (or two 😉)

  1. Hop into our Questions and Answers Channel on discord between now and 12:30 on Friday and ask questions you’d like answered. If we select your question you’ll be eligible for two golden tickets. But make sure you are quick — if you ask the same question as someone else we’ll only reward the first person to ask
  2. If your question receives the most ‘boss’ emoji reactions under it, we’ll give you two golden tickets, and reward one of the people who voted with a golden ticket themselves

Nik will be hopping into our Discord Check-in Channel to answer questions from 12:30 on Friday, and we’re excited to see the questions you all ask ahead of time

Join the chat here

A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.

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