XDEFI Wallet — December Product Update

XDEFI Wallet
4 min readDec 1, 2021

Welcome to the XDEFI Wallet product update for December! Curious to know what we’re working on behind the scenes? Here’s your sneak peek at upcoming features.

  • Cross-Chain Swaps (in testing)
  • Dark Mode (final testing)
  • Multiple Derivation Paths Support for Ledger + Terra (in testing)
  • Avalanche Integration (in progress)
  • NFT Support for Terra (completed)
  • Private Keys Export / Import (in progress)
  • Wormhole Integration (in progress)

The community can expect some functionalities to be released over the next 2 weeks and the remaining features will be launched over the next month or two.

Cross-Chain Swaps

We’ve leveraged THORChain to integrate cross-chain swaps directly within the wallet.

This has many advantages for our users including:

  • No need to use a centralised venue to swap a digital asset on one chain against another digital asset on another chain
  • No wrapping
  • No custodians
  • No need to connect to a decentralised third party interface
  • No transaction signing pop-ups

Everything happens directly within the extension in a frictionless and decentralised way. It only takes a few clicks.

Dark Mode

The community has been asking for a dark mode version of the wallet for a little while.

We’re currently finalising our tests on this mode and we hope to deliver it in time for Christmas!

Multiple Derivation Paths Support for Ledger + Terra

Existing wallets supporting Terra are using different derivation paths when connecting to Ledger. This means that in some instances users can end up with a different set of addresses despite using the same Ledger.

If you are trying to migrate from one of the other Terra wallets to XDEFI Wallet, you will soon be able to do so regardless of which derivation path it supports.

Avalanche Integration

It has been mentioned several times by the community that supporting Avalanche would be key for users to fully migrate to XDEFI Wallet.

The network has gathered impressive traction in the past 6 months with more than US$13 billion in Total Value Locked as of the time of publication and more than 75 dApps supporting it.

Our team is currently finalising the integration of Avalanche and it should be available before the end of the month.

NFT Support for Terra

In our effort to provide the best possible user experience for LUNAtics, we’ve decided to add support for NFTs on Terra.

A lot of NFT projects have recently launched on Terra such as SpaceLoot, LunaBulls, Galactic Punks, Levana Dragons and Terra Name Services.

Being unable to display and manage your NFTs within your wallet is not ideal.

We’ve just finished implementing this new feature and it should be available next week in our scheduled release!

If you own one of the NFTs displayed above, contact us! We got a surprise for you 😉

Private Keys Export / Import

To date, it has been possible to restore an account using your seedphrase or JSON file. Soon you will be able to import / export the private key of a given account in XDEFI Wallet.

The team is working hard so that this functionality can be released before the end of 2021.

Wormhole Integration — Bridge between Terra and Ethereum

We are adding the ability to swap between Ethereum and Terra to the swap functionality by integrating with Wormhole.

This has similar advantages to the swap feature. You will no longer need to connect to a third-party application to bridge between the Ethereum and Terra ecosystems.

Our objective is to provide the fastest experience for users that want to jump from one ecosystem to another to seize opportunities.

We’re planning to release this feature in early January.

Want to learn more? As always, follow us on Discord for feature updates, important announcements, and more.



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