XDEFI Wallet Dev Update #1

We will now release a dev update after each sprint. The first update will cover the sprint for the period 03/02–17/02.


The team has been working hard on several core features during the past two weeks. The focus of the sprint was on fixing some of the bugs raised internally and by the community. A few new features are ready to be released, including an improved UX for using Binance Smart Chain with the wallet.

Core Features

  • Core wallet refactor (Completed)
  • Ledger integration (In Progress)
  • Binance Smart Chain bridge (In Progress)

New features

  • Control center to manage dApp connections
  • New Binance Smart Chain injection switch
  • Streamlined display in activity tabs accross chains
  • dApps permission management: Disconnect sites easily
  • Create account instantly
  • Back up all your accounts and associated settings at once
  • Restore entire wallet with general back up


  • Multi dApp Transactions
  • dApp pending connection requests
  • Single asset activity tab display
  • BEP2 send screen computation
  • Select active account in one click
  • Password request when locked out of wallet to connect to a dApp

New Product release

We will push an update on Wednesday 24th of February! Note that Ledger integration and the Binance Smart Chain bridge are unlikely to be ready by this date. The other features listed above should all be part of it.

New UI released next week:

  • Control center to manage dApp interactions

From this screen, users will be able to:

  • Manage Blockchain app connections
  • Switch from mainnet to testnet
  • Select which EVM network has to be injected in window.ethereum

In other words, if you are using a Blockchain dApp based on Binance Smart Chain, you will now be able to switch from Ethereum Mainnet to BSC easily from this screen.

What’s next?

The next sprint is going to start with a specific focus on bugfixes. The team aims to complete the core features currently in progress as well as complete the new set of features listed below.

Next week, the audit of our codebase by Kudelski will kick off. We will release an audit report at the end of the audit period and communicate about the required fixes.

Features coming soon

  • Account/Chain agnostic send screen
  • Account/Chain agnostic add funds screen
  • Display LP tokens information
  • RAMP integration: buy crypto with fiat from the extension
  • New “add assets” UI designs
  • Enable / Disable password to confirm transactions
  • Confirmation pop up for send transaction

And more to be revealed soon..


A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.