XDEFI Wallet Dev Update #3

The third development update will cover the sprint for the period 03/03–17/03.

XDEFI Wallet
3 min readMar 19, 2021


During the last two weeks, the team progressed on the core features of the wallet and refactored the code base following the UX/UI audit of the last sprint.

Performance Issues

The team has identified what was causing performance issues and has started addressing the problem. It will be fixed by the end of this sprint.

Core Features

  • Ledger integration (In Progress)

Ledger integration is well advanced and the team is on track with the roadmap.

  • Multi-chain dApps SDK - Asgardex compatible (In Progress)

Compatibility with Asgardex is almost achieved. The team has already added Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash and is currently testing internally. We will move from Rinkeby to Ropsten in the next few days (Asgardex testnet runs on Ropsten).

  • Send agnostic screen (In Progress)

This feature will be finished in the next few days.

  • NFT Visualisation (Completed)

You can now visualise your NFTs within the extension.

  • Binance Smart Chain bridge (On-Hold)

The UI integration has been completed. We have decided to put this feature on hold to focus on improving the overall performance of the product and completing the Multi-chain dApps SDK.

New Features

  • Send agnostic screen
  • NFTs visualisation
  • New Add assets UI flow
  • New chain management modal
  • Replaced slide effect for transition between chains

Main BugFixes

  • Transaction details journey
  • Account management UI glitch
  • Balances update when transfer across accounts
  • Message signing UI update
  • dApp settings page remove button padding
  • Settings page moving bottom space
  • ‘Copy’ functionality home screen
  • dApp icons in connected sites screen

UI leak

Favorite dApps management

With this new functionality in the control center modal, users will be able to:

  • Pin their favorite dApps within the control center
  • See their most recently used dApps
  • Launch their favorite dApps from the extension

This will help users to manage and access their favorite dApps easily.

What’s next?

The security audit has revealed a limited number of high / medium findings, which were all fixed by the team. The auditor reviewed and approved the fixes. Nothing critical has been flagged during the audit and a report is currently being prepared.

While some important features will be shipped in the coming weeks, the team will continue refactoring and fixing bugs to get ready for the public launch.

Features coming soon

  • Hardware wallet integration (Ledger)
  • Send agnostic screen
  • Display LP tokens information
  • Favorite dApps management
  • New UI for dApps tx signing screens (Binance / Bitcoin)
  • Search bar for accounts in dApps connection screen
  • Agnostic address book
  • NFT management
  • Confirmation pop up for send transaction




XDEFI Wallet

A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.