XDEFI Wallet Dev Update #5

The fifth development update will cover the sprint for the period 17/04–28/04.


Core Features

  • UI/UX enhancement: Abstract concept of chains (60% Complete)
  • HD wallet support (In Progress)
  • Multi-chain dApps SDK
  • Back-end enhancement


  • Replace XDEFI Wallet seedphrase by recovery code (UUID)
  • Loading state when input changed in send screen while gas being re-estimated
  • Incoming internal transactions displayed in activity
  • Update loading of transactions in activity
  • dApps UI enhancement: Bitcoin transaction signing
  • dApps UI enhancement: Binance transaction signing
  • Integration with onboard.js
  • Redux migrations redesign

Main BugFixes

  • CurrentTab reversed to previous state when network switched
  • Receive tab: blank drodpown after refresh
  • Assets filter returns to previous state after switching accounts
  • Swap blocked via THORSwap if password request enabled to sign tx
  • Delay when I switch between two accounts

What’s next?

  • Abstract chain UI
  • Sub-accounts (derivation paths)
  • dApps management dashboard
  • And more..


A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.

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