XDEFI Wallet Dev Update #6

The sixth development update will cover the sprint for the period 03/05–03/06.


Core Features

  • Multi HD wallets support (In Progress)
  • Back-end enhancement (In Progress)
  • Multi-chain dApps SDK (Complete)
  • Ledger integration — Ethereum (Complete)
  • UI/UX enhancement: Abstract concept of chains (Complete)
  • New onboarding process via web app (Complete)
  • Dark mode (Complete)

UI Leak


  • Dropdown button accounts from send screen is blank after refresh
  • Address book Edit option does not work
  • Injection provider refresh after opening a new browser
  • No possible to paste address after clickinng copy to clipboard from main screen
  • Scroll bar duplicate when transaction siging to Swap RUNE via THORSwap
  • Modal remains visible for too long after new account creation
  • Overlap of error message upon onboarding
  • And more…

What’s next?

  • Cross chain swaps (powered by THORChain)
  • Polygon integration
  • xDai integration
  • Arbitrum integration
  • New UI designs for NFTs
  • New onboarding process (web app)
  • Access code campaign


A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.