XDEFI Wallet distributes 1.2% of $XDEFI tokens to LUNAtics via Pylon Pools!

NOTE — We will launch the XDEFI-UST CW20 liquidity pool after the Astroport launch (28th of December).

1.2% of the $XDEFI total supply will be distributed via 3 Pylon Pylon Pools over a 2 year vesting period.

Each Pylon Pylon Pool has 3 parameters:

  1. Token allocation - Amount of $XDEFI tokens allocated in the Pylon Pool.
  2. Vesting period - Vesting period of the Pylon Pool — its life expectancy.
  3. Lock period - Lock period before being able to start claiming XDEFI rewards.

Pools with longer vesting and lock periods have significantly more $XDEFI tokens allocated to them.

60% of proceeds from the $XDEFI Pylon Pools will be distributed to Terra ecosystem grants and charity:

  • 50% of the proceeds from the $XDEFI Pylon Pools will be used to provide non-dilutive grants to early-stage Terra ecosystem projects (details TBA).
  • 10% of proceeds from the Pylon Pools will be donated to the Angel Protocol.
  1. You must have at least 10,000 $MINE staked in your wallets to be able to deposit $UST in a Pylon Pool (instructions at the end of the article).
  2. Deposit $UST in one or more of the XDEFI Wallet Pylon Pools. You will own a pro-rata % of that Pylon Pool.
  3. $XDEFI will be regularly issued to depositors. The amount of $XDEFI tokens that each depositor will receive depends on: the number of tokens allocated to the Pylon Pool, the vesting period of the Pylon Pool, and the % of the Pylon Pool owned by the depositor.
  4. You can only start claiming $XDEFI and withdraw $UST at the end of the pool’s lock period.
  1. Go to Pylon Gateway and connect your XDEFI Wallet.
  2. Deposit $UST in the Pylon Pools of your choice and confirm the transaction.
  3. Start claiming rewards after the end of the lock period.

Note: If you don’t own $UST, you can buy it directly from your XDEFI Wallet

  1. Go to Pylon Money and connect your XDEFI Wallet
  2. Click on Stake or Unstake
  3. Stake 10,000 $MINE and confirm the transaction

Note: if you don’t own $MINE, you can buy it on Terraswap.

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