XDEFI Wallet — Release 10.0

Welcome to release 10.0! Don’t have our wallet yet? Head over to the Chrome Store to download it now.

If you’ve already downloaded our wallet, it should have updated automatically. If not, you can manually update it by following the simple steps below:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/ in your browser by clicking the little puzzle icon
  2. Click the “Developer Mode” button on the right side of the header
  3. Select “Update” in the top bar

Check out the new features below, including the much anticipated Dark Mode!

Dark Mode

We have a present many of you have been asking for just in time for Christmas!

Introducing our new Dark Mode. Now you can enjoy our full XDEFI Wallet experience but in sleek dark tones. Whether you’re a dark mode fan to reduce eye strain, reduce blue light, or just because it looks cool, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the dark side!

NFT Support on Terra

XDEFI Wallet is committed to being the best wallet for LUNAtics, which is why we’re proud to unveil NFT support on Terra.

Now you can display recent NFT projects launched on Terra such as SpaceLoot, LunaBulls, Galactic Punks, Levana Dragons and Terra Name Services. As always, you can enjoy your NFTs with our drag-and-drop display grid.

Own any of the above NFTs? Get in touch: we’ve got a surprise for you!

Multiple Derivation Paths Support for Ledger + Terra

Existing wallets supporting Terra are using different derivation paths when connecting to Ledger. This means that in some instances users can end up with a different set of addresses despite using the same Ledger.

If you are trying to migrate from one of the other Terra wallets to XDEFI Wallet, you should be able to do so regardless of which derivation path it supports.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

We’ve also fixed a number of bugs, including resolving the sentry issue, the signing issue on Snapshot, and resolution issues on our buy screen and terms & conditions.

Additionally, we’ve added a ViewBlock as a new explorer for THORchain.

As always, if you find any bugs or run into any issues, let us know in our Discord. You never know, you might even get invited to be a beta tester!

What’s next for XDEFI Wallet?

We recently posted a December product update that highlights a number of our upcoming features and plans, including:

  • Cross-Chain Swaps (in testing)
  • Avalanche Integration (in progress)
  • Private Keys Export / Import (in progress)
  • Wormhole Integration (in progress)

A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.