XDEFI Wallet - Release 3.0

Over the past few months our team has been working on a major update of the wallet. An update we are pleased to announce has gone live today

The main features included in this release are:

  • Hierarchical Deterministic wallet Support
  • Ledger Support for Ethereum
  • Polygon Integration
  • UX/UI updates to make navigation smoother

1. Hierarchical Deterministic wallet Support

With a HD Wallet (MetaMask, MyEtherWallet), you can derive a number of addresses from a master seed. These addresses are displayed as “accounts”.

As XDEFI Wallet was not an HD wallet, each account created was associated to a specific seed phrase.

These “Accounts” are will be now be displayed as “Wallets” in the new version! You will be able to create accounts within each of these wallets.

Note that the JSON file you’ve used as a general back up in the past will continue to work (only from the onboarding screen) should you opt to utilise several wallets. You can so by following these steps (associated with the screenshots below):

- Click cogwheel
- Select back up
- Enter password
- Download JSON file

= This JSON file wraps all the wallets together so you can unlock them at once if you need to reinstall your extension.

🚨 We strongly recommend new users not to create several wallets as it require saving several seed phrases. 🚨

As an alternative we would recommend you utilise one wallet with multiple accounts inside as it will prove more simple both in backing up and utilising the extension.

2. Ledger Support for Ethereum

We are aware that this process could be streamlined and made smoother so we’d welcome your feedback to ensure we can improve this in future releases

Support for THORChain and UTXOs chain (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash) will be coming shortly.

3. Polygon Integration

4. UX/UI updates to make navigation smoother

By the end of July we hope to address further screens (Send, Receive, Asset, Details, etc) — and are excited to enter a phase of addressing the look and feel of the wallet. Though to date we’ve focussed on whats under the hood, we hope our community will enjoy a more streamlined experience over the next few releases.

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