XDEFI Wallet — Release 5.0

We’ve just released version 5.0 of XDEFI Wallet.

It should have updated automatically, but if not, you can manually update it by following the simple steps below:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/ in your browser by clicking the little puzzle icon
  2. Click the “Developer Mode” button on the right side of the header
  3. Select “Update” in the top bar|

What’s new in this update?

Quite a few new things, but let’s start with the big one:

Ledger Integration for THORchain

With the recent release of version 0.64 for THORChain, we’ve released ledger integration for THORChain to allow for an increased level of security in keeping your RUNE safe.

UI Updates: Connecting with dApps

We’ve given a refresh to the process of connecting and interacting with dApps. From the popup you see when connecting your wallet, all the way through to the popups when signing and approving transactions. Our goal with many of these changes has been to make interactions with networks and dApps more streamlined. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the result.

Another UI change of note is the ability to select the EVM network of your choice from the connection pop-up. It comes handy when you’re switching from a dApp built on Ethereum to a dApp built on Polygon. No need to go back to the wallet to select the new network anymore.

Bug Fixes

You’ve been reporting em’ and we’ve been listening. This release takes care of quite a few bugs from our backlog. Many are listed here, but you’ll be glad to know we’ve taken all your wonderful feedback and implemented some fixes to make your experience using XDEFI even better.

What's coming next…

We have a chain announcement coming shortly which we’re quite excited about, so sit tight and hopefully the wait won’t be so ‘terra’ble

If you have any feedback, please don’t forget to join our discord here!

A chain agnostic wallet. Store, receive and send all your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. Connect to your favourite dApps.