XDEFI Wallet — Release 8.0

Welcome to XDEFI Wallet release 8.0, featuring a very special integration!

Don’t have the wallet yet? Head over to the Chrome Store to download it now.

If you’ve already downloaded our wallet, it should have updated automatically. If not, you can manually update it by following the simple steps below:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/ in your browser by clicking the little puzzle icon
  2. Click the “Developer Mode” button on the right side of the header
  3. Select “Update” in the top bar

Read on to find out about the new features in this release.

Terra Integration

We’ve been hinting at it for a while, but we are so excited to unveil our integration with Terra in this release. As the 4th largest blockchain ecosystem by total value locked (TVL), we believe Terra is central to XDEFI Wallet’s future.

Terra is a programmable Layer 1 blockchain protocol that offers a suite of algorithmic fiat-pegged stablecoins. Terra’s native $LUNA token absorbs the short-term volatility of Terra’s stablecoins. Over 60 projects are ready to launch on Terra in the next 6 to 8 weeks and over 100 have recently stated plans to launch by early 2022.

As Émile Dubié, our CEO and co-founder, said: “I believe that $UST serves a unique purpose as a decentralized stablecoin and will become a key component of the crypto ecosystem. Terra’s killer app is its accessible and UX-focused environment that caters for wider web3 adoption. It is truly exciting to see how Terra has developed as a Layer 1 and to see projects flourishing around $UST.”

The first version of Terra support contains the following features:

  • Terra stablecoins: display, send and receive
  • CW20 tokens: display, send, and receive
  • Interaction with dApps
  • Terra Ledger integration

NFTs support will be added in the next update.

Want to learn more? Join our Discord AMA on Monday, 1 November 2021 at 12 PM GMT to hear from our CEO/Co-founder Émile in conversation with Do, CEO/Co-founder of Terraform Labs.

Pylon Liquidity Program

We’re also proud to announce that we will be working with Pylon to set up a liquidity program on Terra. Pylon is a suite of DeFi savings and payments products powered by user deposits that build on stable yield-bearing protocols such as Terra’s Anchor Protocol. Pylon enables sustainable exchanges between long-term value providers and their consumers through customisable deposit contracts and yield redirection.

As part of our commitment to the Terra ecosystem, half of the funds that will be raised via Pylon will be used to fund early-stage projects within the Terra ecosystem. The Terra community will be able to input on how the funds should be allocated.


By now you may have noticed our 8.0 release included a whitelisting feature, allowing users to participate in our IDO in order to purchase $XDEFI tokens.

We’re proud to announce the whitelisting process is now closed, having reached our cap in about an hour.

If you have completed the whitelisting process through XDEFI Wallet, you can check that you were correctly whitelisted by searching for your address in our whitelisting verification tool.

Note: If you whitelisted via DegenScore or THORChads, you will not appear in this tool. Please contact them directly to confirm your whitelisting.

As of 5 November 2021, there are no more XDEFI Wallet, DegenScore or THORChads slots still available.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

We’ve also fixed a number of bugs in this release, including fixing the bep2 display issue and some Ledger issues. As always, if you run into any bugs or issues, please do let us know via our Discord and we’ll look into it right away.

What’s next for XDEFI Wallet?

October has been an incredible month for XDEFI Wallet including our public release, our IDO announcement and now our Terra integration. Whether you’ve just joined us or have been an early supporter, we couldn’t do it without you. Join our Discord to hear the latest news, share feedback, and even enjoy occasional easter eggs!

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